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Mature content
Pure :iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 0 2
Like the summer and the Stars
He smells of summer
-That gives me peace-
Of summer and of the morning haze.
All the numbers don’t make sense
Then again,
Nothing matters since he smells of summer.
I can imagine the soft, smooth, swooshing sound of the waves
And the warm, white waves of the sand
When he’s orbiting my heart.
He tastes like stars
-That gives me hope-
Of stars and of the vast universe
All the strings might not connect
Then again,
Nothing matters since he tastes like stars.
I can imagine that, when I die, I will become a nebula
It will be as beautiful
I will explode like a piñata
And mend all traces of sadness with confetti!
Then all the hypocrites
And those who are honest
Will be revealed.
I will explode like a piñata
And become a nebula
Because and only
He smells of summer
And tastes like stars.
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 0 0
The extends of my vanity
Let me show you the extends of my vanity.
I will do so with a pen and a camera.
I will start to write because I admire someone’s poetry.
I’ve never written poetry before, but it’s alright.
I will write about the things in my heart that want to escape
So you can praise me
I will only write about meaningless, teenage pain and sorrow
Since everything is black and futile and painful.
Even though, I’ve never felt all that and I grew up as a rich spoiled kid
And all that, will happen with my pen.
So you can praise me
Now with a camera, things are a lot easier
I don’t have to think about words
Just stare at the camera and look pretty
So that drooling boys and clueless girls can praise me of my beauty
And I will call art what I do.
My pictures say nothing
Just show my pretty face, my body, my legs or even my toes, carefully dyed in black.
I call this art.
I showed you now the extends of my vanity
I’m a pretentious little person
That writes poetry and takes photogr
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 1 2
I come from a Nation
I come from a nation
That turns everything into a show.
I come from a nation that knows
If you turn –through the media – everything into mainstream
Then everything becomes a fashion.
And like every fashion
The mainstream rage will die down very soon.
Maybe too soon.
I come from a nation
That stands and shouts
Riots and burns
Without actually rebelling
Just protesting with empty words
Twist everything into propaganda.
Then again, in this nation, only words are celebrated
Actions are expected to take place by some useless bureaucrat.
And sometimes –how ironic- politicians.
I come from a nation
That when you die
Everybody feels sorrow and grief and rage
Even if, when you were alive nobody cared about what you said
A nation of hypocrites.
Only the mothers can feel the true sorrow and grief and rage
The pain.
The rest can only sympathize and lie.
Turn everything into a show, even a funeral.
I come from a nation of anarcho-capitalist hypocrites.
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 1 2
Mature content
One :iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 1 2
The Death Row
You're reliving your past everyday
And you keep telling us how you made it through
So all you are today is just a horrible story-teller
That can't live in the present
You keep whining about how hard it was
And all you do is talk about the same thing everyday
So why don't you put it all behind
And give us all a break?
We've all been in the death row
And we've all died and reborn
We don't go emo about it
We accept it and go on
...And so should you
So you've been hurt so many times
What makes you think you're the only one?
I can say I understand, my fellow man
But stop bitching about it!
You say; 'every single day is a nightmare'
Live and always try to change it then
Otherwise just kill yourself
You'll do us all a favour!
We've all been in the death row
And we've all moved on
We don't get goth about it
We forget it and go on
...And so should you
We've all been in the death row
And we've all risen from our ashes
We don't get wimpy about it
We shake our fists at the situation
...And so shou
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 0 4
In this nothingness.
The light is slowly dying.
I'm not lying... I'm not lying.
I've not died yet.
You cannot erase me.
That's because I'm so big.
That's the pain of me.
The pain of me.
4 minutes to go
Until her Psychosis strikes me down.
3 and counting down
Oh, your end... my end... the end of everything is
Coming closer.
So close you can breathe in my stench.
2... 2... What an awful number.
One more to go and I'll be yours
Destruction be my mother.
It's over. It has passed.
All the storms abandoned me.
And I'm alone. With no fears to face.
Only Silence.
And Silence is my worst enemy.
I wish you'd know
I don't expect you to
I never told you.
Yes, laugh at me
I can take it all
I've taken it before.
What makes you different?
I'm bitter already so no harm done.
Nothing lost.
Just a minor setback of my sleep.
The hour of resurrection must be near
It's near, it's near, it's here, it's upon me!
SPARE ME            
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 2 2
Breathe - keep breathing
Not much time left
It's taking your eyes, it's taking your head
Run - keep running
There's no escape
For this is a futile race against time
I didn't know you, I didn't know you well
I'm regretting for the time we didn't spend together
Remind me next life
Maybe next life
Remind me, remember to meet you
Beat - keep beating
Don't fail me now
There's not much else you can do anyway
Smile - keep smiling
The end is here
There's no mercy for anyone, not  you, not me
Lie to me, say you'll stay
Say you'll come back
Lie to me
Beauty and Death all around me
Sleep and the moments pass by
Clocks ticking - always ticking
Time is merciless
Life is merciless
Breathing is hard at times like these
Why? Why did we let you go away
Without saying goodbye
Whispers and screams is all I can hear in this place
Lonely secrets and Death walks closer every second
Closer and closer until it faces you, breathes in your face,
Stretches its hand and grasps your soul.
Every time you
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 0 6
Mrs Kunph Youzt
Where am I going and where have I been to?
I grow desperate and angry by the manipulation of my kind.
Commercialize yourselves. Repetition brings money.
I am Mrs Kunph Youzt and I didn’t grow up in this world.
It exploded right before my eyes.
I was blind until then.
Or are they?
And do my words matter? Do I play a part in all this?
Does what I think, what I say and what I do have a meaning?
Will my inner existence be erased simply like that?
I’m afraid.
Will I be lost in the nothingness of commercialism?
And will my meanings reach no one?
I scream so you can see how wrong this is!
“People are products”
My hands tremble in these thoughts
My eyes bleed.
I’m living and expecting to die in this ship of fools.
Is this really all there is?
A god help us if so.
I’m scared.
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 2 6
Bloodstained History
I can still hear the cries on this land.
I can still smell the blood.
Who can’t?
Striving for freedom
But from who?
Fighting… Constant fighting.
Constant bloodshed
After so many deaths
After you prevail…
What then?
Pigs are replaced by pigs.
Or righteous?
At least you died with a smile on your faces and the soil of your land beneath you
Knowing that someday she’ll be free.
I salute you
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 4 15
Sometimes our lives descent to ruins
                 Once you read this you will pass by it.
                 Might think about it for a moment
                 Eventually forget it. Go on with what you know as life.
The Sun always sets in the West
                 It’s not your fault. No.
                 The human mind is programmed to be like this.
                 This was not always the case until we became
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 4 18
Play Dumb
How unreliable am I?
These words have killed me
In my mirrored hell I see you
Pointing at me
Turning away.
In my sorry state I deserve to be pitied.
I’ve come to terms with it.
It’s always those who pity you who seem to under-
What a comfortable lie
-Stand tall and shout your fears away
I –nor you- never had the guts in front of all of them. Nor you.
Being an idiot is my way out.
Another lie.
Sometimes I let the situation out of hand
“Do I belong here?” – The question that has been bothering me since birth.
“Does it matter?” – The question that has been bothering me since I woke up.
I’ve molested my dreams and raped my hopes.
I was the one who did this. Not them.
Moving from time and space to nothing and void has been my only ambition
Futility in the name of sanity.
Lights in the sky are flashing for me and you, for you and me.
But can I see them? I know you can. Can you help me see them?
I woke you up tonight just for that.
I think I
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 1 6
I've given everything I had to give
Under grey Suns and lead Seas
Pawns on a decided chessboard...
Unfamiliar sounds of happiness and agony
You miss the point?
So do I...
Still I can't seem to forget this something inside me
Growing day by day, month by month
Wondering what it is...
And my vision grows blur as I try to listen to a song
A song that sounds like the clouds and like the soil...
Trying for something that is futile...
How human of me
Like master and servant
The King and the pawn
Racing against Time
Running until there's no more...
Will we fail again father?
Yes, son.
I still miss the point...
So do you.
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 3 11
I remember
When we were together
But forever was lost...
These are my last thoughts
I am falling into an unprotected Void,
Into an unexpected hell
And an unpleasant heaven
Do you remember?
The screams and the cries
Of those in disguise
Like humans, insanly so cold...
Hell is nothing more but Reality revealed...
A loneliness long sealed
Away in the minds of men
Like a treasure for the Fool to seek
Still falling and watching their hands stretching out
To gods who've forgotten and mortals who doubt
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 1 8
If I could...
   If I....
      If I could fly away
Reach for the Sun
If you could see how empty I am
                                  how empty
                                          I am
You would run away from
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 0 5
Drunken World
Three bottles of vodka on the floor...
Another night of emptiness and this sick laughter won't stop...
Waking up and sleeping with this pain in my chest
Heart beating or heart dying?
Can't tell anymore in this haze...
The tears of the demon are much more honest...
He can't escape me, she can't throw me away, he can't make me leave...
Pity me? I'd kill you...
And these dead leaves on the floor
Reminders of a life I never lived...
Way back
Stay back
Get away from me
Stop laughing...all my days have been real
A different real than yours.
Lying naked on the bathroom floor
Every breath chokes me...
I'm like all other people
But this demon in me...
This laughter..
This haze...
Won't let me stand up,
Claim what is mine.
You are mine...I'd say it only in this state...
Choking in my own blood
When I think about you
Strange words...
But isn't this world strange anyway?
Four bottles of vodka on the floor...
:iconpinkwidow:PinkWidow 0 4

Random Favourites

postcard love. by angelkath postcard love. :iconangelkath:angelkath 50 50
14 Haikus
The Fool's Carriage rolls
Choosing its heroes each day
Where will it stop next?
The birds wake and caw
As the sun rises and shines
One more perfect day
Cornered by the fox
The hare leaps and lashes out
What's it got to lose?
Webs of sly deceit
Embroideries of pretense
Spider spins each day
Give time its due time
The thunderstorm of anger
Just precedes the calm
Don't fumble with umbrellas
Just accept the rain
Given its due chance
The peacock will raise its tail
Craving others' praise
Paranoia comes
Conspiring against you
They're out to get us
Death walks with its scythe
All life wilting before it
Willingly or not
All people have roles
If life had begun by chance
It would have ended
Listen to your call
You can't deny your mission
And still be fulfilled
The beginner's luck
Every game gives new players
Tastes of victory
With its cold embrace
Snow preserves vegetation
Awaiting the spring
Cravings are surplus
All of life's necess
:iconvalkyrius:Valkyrius 2 4
the green mile by angelkath the green mile :iconangelkath:angelkath 7 21
I feel the darkness creep in my soul,
strangling the light that once resided.
Black light shines from my eyes,
ice freezes over my heart.
:iconcheese-slave:cheese-slave 2 23
Mature content
I REMAIN :iconzespair:zespair 3 7
Sarah by zespair Sarah :iconzespair:zespair 1 6
All one resplendent cover
For every scar and every
Crimson crucifix I bear
Where no-one will ever see
All one delicate facade
Webs spun silvertongue
To shy shadow away
The last swan song
Each smile, each laugh
Carefully placed to bring
The eyes away from
Focusing on the nothing
Each tear and each night
Gone sleepless and blamed
On ill-feeling and not
On the ill-felt shame
What a pitiful misery
I have reduced myself to
Yet every abyss I suffer
Taken out of view
What a waste I have become
No glory light shone
No hand outstretched
I am alone.
:iconharlequincat:HarlequinCat 7 14
Playing for the Muse of Music
The phantom harmony—
could she ever know—
the words are mine?
The meter, the staff,
the blood within my veins...
The sorrow, the pain,
the days I spent alone…
The raindrops, the rests,
the favourite quiet time…
my days lost
my heart torn
as I dwell
in the unrequited.
:icondarlingdeath:darlingdeath 2 0
early sunset by mizuiroElk early sunset :iconmizuiroelk:mizuiroElk 5 10
Seasons of the Conscious Mind
I have slept on Summer winds
beneath the star-soaked trees
Dionysus and his nymphs
play their happy melodies
with plates of grapes and pears
and dancing dreams with golden hair
around the star-soaked trees.
Leaves fall in Autumn's character.
I have dreamt on Winter clouds
above the frozen drifts of white
Frost slipping over and into my mind
with the angry scorn of Ares
across an icy pond of paralyzed thoughts
In silent despair
I pray for spring
Upon the frozen drifts of white.
When Spring has yet to come.
:icondarlingdeath:darlingdeath 2 5
Rampant as a Cheshire Cat
Awash in the glory
of a deified soul
opalescent in its mayhem
and as raucous as the night
with damn you dreams
and tick-tock thoughts
(I'm running out of time)
mishmosh hodgepodge pride
rise into the heavens upon a Roc
and get the shock of your life
as you fall into purple music
bouncing from note to note
. . . wait
rest . . .
whole note is four
three...two... lift off
singing across the horizon
falling down, down
into the stars of tomorrow
(it won't do any harm)
Just cry and be merry
laugh and be wise
burn me to ashes
for yesterday, I will rise.
Confused my child?
yellow, red, guilded blue.
I spoke not a word, without you.
For things are not as they appear.
No, not at all.
"We're all mad here!"
:icondarlingdeath:darlingdeath 1 2
Only You
Tails intertwined,
I can't breathe,
I don't want to breathe
if it means I can
spend forever close to you.
Lustful moments...
sloppy kisses,
shaky sighs of satisfaction...
When I sleep,
I dream of you..
Only you.
When I wake,
I wish for you...
Only you.
Artemis, protect me,
and protect him...
guide him to happiness,
even if that means he is not mine.
I am smitten...
I am destroyed.
We are mere aquaintances,
yet closer than friends...
And I am torn apart...
I feel you pain,
magnified tenfold by my own.
I am sorry.
Sincerely, I am.
The wanderer lass
is broken and alone.
Wishing for the weary fool,
to let go of the stars,
he loves so dearly.
Yet, she would never ask him to.
When I sleep,
I dream of you..
Only you.
When I wake,
I wish for you...
Only you.
:icondarlingdeath:darlingdeath 1 12
The Dragon of Starlight
I am the Dragon of Starlight-
The Darkness that Destroys the Shadows.
I am the Voice of Apocalypse-
Disciple of the Dreaded Goddess.
I am the Ostracized Outsider-
The Beast in the Eyes of the Norm.
My Speech is your Whispering Nightmares-
My Breath is the Scythe of Death.
I am the Unknowable Terror-
That Blackens every single Soul.
I am the Serpent-Redeemer-
The Primeval Spiritual Mover.
On the Eternal Judgement Day-
You shall Know my Fractured Rage.
I am Loki- the Deceiver-
Whose Words Ensnare the World.
I am the Ethereal Negation-
At the Heart of the Phenomenon.
I am the Anguish of Dichotomy-
The Falsity of Duality.
I am the Unitary None-
Contradiction's Devourer.
Separation is my Glamour,
Though I am Beyond it All.
You will never Know my Face-
I am Veiled by the Night Sky.
Wander through my Labyrinth-
Find the Heart that Beats in the Dark...
:icontyphonthedark:typhonthedark 1 5
Fifteen Years
Fifteen years I have seen
the passage of summer to spring,
leaves change, snow falls,
the days fly by,
and inch like molten dreams.
To some, my days have been forever,
generations have lived and died,
and to others, my years have been a moment,
my whole life shall be dust,
before their next breath escapes them.
I am.
I am All
and I am Naught.
Child of Nothing,
Daughter of the Earth,
I have learned much,
and yet, nothing at all.
Life plays itself in circles,
like a psychedelic song,
phantasmagoric melodies
that lead into poets metre
and fall into the Abyss.
My days are so short,
but today, new life became
and old life faded away.
And I'm another moment older,
and yet infinitely wiser.
:icondarlingdeath:darlingdeath 2 10
Anbu Kakashi by yoshitaka Anbu Kakashi :iconyoshitaka:yoshitaka 36 22 Naruto furries by yoshitaka Naruto furries :iconyoshitaka:yoshitaka 452 122



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